Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be Courageous!!!

Aristotle believed, and I think correctly, that courage is
the first of the human virtues, because it makes the others

Courage is the ability to exercise your free will and make
things happen in the face of setbacks and unforeseen
challenges, by selecting healthy role models and mentors and
taking daily actions that define who you are to become.

We are not what society and randomness have made us. Take for example the fonding fathers of America, most of them arrived into the new world with nothing
more than hope and a willingness to do whatever it takes to
achieve their own dream.

We are what we have chosen to be from
the depth of our very souls and being. We are made
based upon our beliefs.

No significant decisions -- personal or business -- have
ever been undertaken without the attendant feelings of
anxiety and uncertainty. The commitment to wade
through these inevitable crises is the meaning of courage.

To gain courage is to change your beliefs about what you
deserve and about what's possible with patience and

Get out of your comfort zone and stretch your limitations
this week!