Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When Giving up is Not an Option

The Power to Dream with Faith...
Like many people, I am finding myself at a point in life where I just don't have the same willpower I once did. I tell myself to do things like eat healthier or get more exercise, but I'm just not motivated the way I used to be.
what's exactly is going on???
When giving up is not an option, but motivation isn't working, where else can you turn? Consider faith. Do you know that getting in touch with what you believe or hold to be true is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.
Many of us have deep faith but have forgotten how to tap into it personally. I have been doing a great deal of exploration on this and have found that I often have to remember to believe, to literally and consciously choose to believe and then act on what I believe to prove that I actually do.
I recently have caught myself having negative thoughts and beliefs, these negative beliefs quickly takes me into feelings of despair and i find my self disappearing into my fears and doubts.
Then one day I realized, I was creating my reality. Based on what I wanted, I asked myself what I could believe. I could believe just about anything, God has a purpose in my life, i am made in the image of God, the sky is not the limit but just the beginning. WOw! Double Wow!!
We can all use our will to make choices, to choose to believe and to change our mindset. There is nothing as powerful as our faith and through our personal beliefs we have the ability to deepen our faith, keep hoping and keep trusting!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Picking Up The Broken Pieces...

Are you falling apart, overwhelmed, or stressed out as a result of the pressures of life...? You know the feeling too well, you feel tired of everything, overwhelmed and helpless. You may be going through such trying times, you feel blinded. The feeling you have is almost like falling into a deep, dark bottomless pit or a deep slippery hole with no grip to support or help you up. You think you are walking on solid ground but before you know it, the ground gives way and you are slipping and tumbling. You have had enough of this roller coaster and now you want to get back on your feet and STAND strong. Do you really want to pick up the pieces of your life and move on,
Then get started!

-Just be still

If you just cant seem to think straight and your mind is crowded with conflicting thoughts or questions whose answers you cant provide...then its time to be still!
There is amazing strength in stillness. Sometimes you just need to quiet yourself, be still in the moment and just be stuck. Why? Because you may not yet know what to do or you may not be in a state of mind to make decisions to take the next step.

- Pray

If ever there was a time to pray, this is it. Prayer changes things and belief in God can and will hold you up in such an amazing way when nothing else seems to work.
Prayer has the power to give you a supernatural resolve to face a new day with hope for a better future.Prayer also calms you down, alleviates the stress and helps you see things more clearly.

- Make a commitment to survive.

If you seriously want to pick up the pieces of your life, you have to commit to the process of getting your life together and dedicate yourself to making it happen.
Commitment means making a personal decision to vouch for your success and work for a better, healthier and well rounded you. It also means not surrendering to self-sabotaging attitudes, thoughts and habits that choke your will to pick up the pieces of your life.

-Talk to someone.

Dont be afraid to share your feelings with people who you can trust. People want to help you and support you. A word of comfort, a reassuring hug or an appropriate piece of advice may be just what you need. Reach out to someone you trust and talk about how you are feeling. Do not keep it all inside. Confide in trusted friends and family. Let out all the pain and the loss. Its okay to cry and then begin to see life beyond the tears.

- Count your blessings.

This may be a difficult thing to do, but the truth is that, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, there is always someone or something we are grateful for in bad times. Things could really be bad, but in the midst of that, blessings still abound. Dwell on those things that make you glad that you are still alive and not alone. Yes, look at the sunshine and SMILE!!

Don’t worry. Roses will bloom again!!


Friday, September 18, 2015


The fourth enemy within is worry. We've all got to worry some. Just don't let it conquer you. Instead, let it alarm you. Worry can be useful. But you can't let worry loose like a mad dog that drives you into a small corner. Here's what you've got to do with your worries: drive them into a small corner. Whatever is out to get you, you've got to get it. Whatever is pushing on you, you've got to push back.
The fifth interior enemy is over-caution. It is the timid approach to life. Timidity is not a virtue; it's an illness. If you let it go, it'll conquer you. Timid people don't get promoted. They don't advance and grow and become powerful in the marketplace. You've got to avoid over-caution.
Do battle with the enemy. Do battle with your fears. Build your courage to fight what's holding you back, what's keeping you from your goals and dreams. Be courageous in your life and in your pursuit of the things you want and the person you want to become.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Enemies Of Success!!

You must overcome your "enemies" if you wish you live up to your fullest potential. Friend, make no mistake, you've got greatness in you. These ideas below can help you unleash it, provided you're willing to consistently apply what you learn.
We are not born with courage, but neither are we born with fear. Maybe some of our fears are brought on by your own experiences, by what someone has told you, by what you've read in the papers.
Some fears are valid, like walking alone in a bad part of town at two o'clock in the morning. But once you learn to avoid that situation, you won't need to live in fear of it. Fears, even the most basic ones, can totally destroy our ambitions. Fear can destroy fortunes. Fear can destroy relationships. Fear, if left unchecked, can destroy our lives. Fear is one of the many enemies lurking inside us.
Another enemy you've got to destroy before it destroys you is indifference. What a tragic disease this is. "Ho-hum, let it slide. I'll just drift along." Here's one problem with drifting: you can't drift your way to the top of the mountain!!
The third enemy we face is indecision. Indecision is the thief of opportunity and enterprise. It will steal your chances for a better future. Take a sword to this enemy!
The fourth enemy inside is doubt. ok, there's room for healthy skepticism. You can't believe everything. But you also can't let doubt take over. Many people doubt the past, doubt the future, doubt each other, doubt the government, doubt the possibilities and doubt the opportunities. Worse of all, they doubt themselves. I'm telling you, doubt will destroy your life and your chances of success. It will empty both your bank account and your heart. Doubt is an enemy Go after it. Get rid of it...to be continued.