Friday, April 28, 2006

Inspire Others

We all know and love people who are inspiring. But just how does one inspire others? Here are simple ways you can inspire people to be their best:
1. Be a good example. People watch what you do more than they listen to what you say. Be someone worth emulating.
2. Care about others. People don't care about how much you
know until they know how much you care. Ask questions. Take a genuine interest in people.
3. Encouragement. Everyone goes through tough times. When you support people and encourage them through these times, you'll be inspiring them to see the best in themselves and in the situation.
4. Be inspired yourself. Look for people, ideas, environments and knowledge that you find inspiring and motivating.
5. Share from your own experience. You have more to share than you realize. Mine the rich experiences of your life and share your wisdom from your unique point of view. You may be the only one who can touch someone with your inspiring message. Be vulnerable. Be willing to share your failures as well as your successes. Others will relate to you. They'll understand that they're not the only ones with challenges.
6. Be a good communicator. Increasing your ability to communicate effectively is a critical element for you to inspire others. Watch how you speak and what you say. Invest in your communication skills.
7. Challenge people. Many of us have had teachers who at times seemed more like tormentors than mentors. They challenged us to do our best, and we were better for it. Practice "carefrontation"--the careful and caring confrontation of others.
8.And finally READ. It may not follow that all readers are leaders, but certainly all leaders are readers. Stay informed. Share what you read with others. Tell people about books that have inspired you. Share the knowledge.

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Creating A Whole New You

Wow. It's another new day...Time for a whole new YOU!
So, why not create a whole new you?

You see, I've read thousands of quotes, articles and books over the years about "changing your life." Why do we make it so difficult? You don't have to read anything else. (Isn't that a relief?) You just have to DO it!

One way to approach this is to honestly look at the areas of your life that cause you trouble.

If you are unhappy with your weight, eat less, move around more, drink a lotta water. Simple and short.

If you truly are plagued with bad hair days, deal with it. It's sad to spend so much time, energy, attention, and money trying to come up with the perfect hairstyle. What can you intelligently do to rid yourself of this obsession? Take a few minutes to jot down some ideas. Make peace with the hair on your head. Keep it clean. Deal with it. And move on! Period.

If debt is your problem, take time to think about how and why this problem is in your life. There is really only one way to deal with a debt. Pay it. Quit buying stuff. See how long you can go without adding to your collection of stuff: just buy the necessities to keep yourself going. It may seem impossible, it may be painful, but again, deal with it, and move on. Yes.

Whatever it is my friend, figure it out, make a plan, see yourself looking and acting in new ways. Don't drag your problems throughout your lifetime.

Happy new you!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Building A Lasting Result With The Power Of Focus

When we are not getting what we want out of life it is usually because we are not focusing our attentions on what really matters to us. We tend to focus our energy on fear, lack, shoulds and what we don't want. As a result it slows us down and in some cases halts all our progress, thus creating exactly what we don't want.

Well here is the good news, focusing on what you want is a learned skill. It may take time and patience but it is doable. Here are some strategies to get you focused and moving in the right direction.

1. Examine your values. Do you ever find yourself dissatisfied and filled with resentment when you are busy checking things off your list? It could be that your activities are not in line with your values. Sit down with yourself and look at what really matters to you. Ask yourself if this is important? Does it make you feel good? Does it fit with who you are and the direction you are heading? Get clear about your values and how they fit into your life.

2. Make priorities. In the times we live in, it is very easy to get overloaded trying to do everything at once. As a result we never actually focus on one thing a 100%, and fragmented attention produces fragmented results. Pick one or two things that you are going to make a priority for the next 3 to 6 months and put everything else on the back burner.

3. Get clear. Most of the time if you ask someone to really describe what it is that they want they can not really articulate what it looks like. Spend time getting clear about what you want. Be able to describe it, create a picture. The clearer you are the easier it will be to attract into your life. Whenever you find yourself thinking about what you do not want, stop and think about how it can translate into creating something positive. For example, instead of saying I don't want to be sick, say I want to be in perfect health.

4. Face your fear. Fear is one of the most common reasons why people don't get what they want. When we experience fear the most common reaction is to either run or to create strategies to avoid it. As a result, it blocks us from moving forward because now we are focused on avoiding the fear versus creating what we want. Understand that fear is normal. Face your fear head on, talk about it, accept it, and understand it. When you do this a wonderful thing happens, the fear loses its energy and its hold over you.

5. Say affirmations. Say affirmations on a regular basis using powerful, positive, specific language to reinforce what you are creating in your life. For example, if you are looking for prosperity create an affirmation such as, "Prosperity flows to me." Say it often during the day and reaffirm it when prosperity does flow to you. This will help you stay focused on what you are wanting.

6.Develop an action plan. When you feel that you are focused on what you want and feel excited about moving forward it is time to create an action plan. Here is the key to a good action plan, make sure it fits with your personality. Create a plan that works with who you are. If you hate structure and love to be spontaneous create a plan that allows that. Stop trying to force yourself into something that is against your nature.

Most importantly however, focus is a key component to deliberately and actively creating the life you want.
So get your energy focused on the right things to create lasting results.

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Monday, April 24, 2006


"Do what's right. Be on time, be polite, and be honest; remain free from drugs 2. Do your best. Mediocrity is unacceptable when you are capable of doing better. 3. Treat others as you want to be treated. Practice love and understanding." -- Lou Holtz (Three rules for success)

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Place Called There

Wao! it's good to be back after a while, to all my faithful readers. Hey! she's back, Tell you what I really missed my blog, I can't believe I love writing like this, I thought I was just a talkative not a writative, or is there anything like that? just kidding! Anyway I'm very happy to be able to post again.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with some thoughts.

Do you know this?

Losers always discuss their obstacles.

Winners always talk opportuinities.

Champions seize their day.

The first step towards success is the willingness to listen, absorb the wisdom of great people.

And most importantly remember this success doesn't just "happen" you set it in motion!

So my dear friends meditate on these thoughts as we travel to this land called SUCCESS.That's the place called there!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Making Of A Champion

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines a Champion as one who shows marked superiority. There is something about Champions, I've come to realise that they are not born but are rather made, one day at a time. Someone once said that the differnce between a Champion and an ordinary man is that every man fails but Champions simply get back up and begin again because it is from the ashes of defeat that the greatest fires of achievement burn. Champions believe in their own dreams even when others seem busy or uncaring to encourage them. Real Champions always complete things, they are follow through people.

Has it ever occured to you that winning doesn't start around you, it rather begins on the inside. Champions do not become champions on the ring, they are merely recognized in the ring, their becoming happens in their daily routine. They do not really decide their future, they rather decide their habits, then their habit decide their future.So if you want to be a champion remember that you must start forming habits, habits that will change your life and start talking like a champion too, afterall you can never reach the palace talking like a peasant. NO WAY!

Now what are habits you may ask and how do you identify life changing habits, don't you worry we'll get into all that. So keep coming back.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rules Can Rule Our Lives

We all have values that we live life by, whether we live up to these values is determined by a series of rules that are attached to the value. For example, we may value success, and the rule that we have attached to success is that to be successful we must earn more than $1,000,000 a year. Another person may have a rule for success saying that if they wake up each morning then they are successful. Yet another person may have a complex web of rules relating to success that ensures they never are successful by their own rules.

Interestingly most of these rules are lodged in our subconscious and we are never really aware of them on the conscious level. So you can see that it is incredibly useful for us if we become aware of these rules. It is even more beneficial for us if we can become aware of these rules and then change them to ensure we meet our values.

When changing a rule it is important that you choose rules that are achievable, but also give you room to grow and move forward. So let's start by finding out what some of your rules are. Write out your rules for each of the following points. Remember,you are writing down what conditions need to be met in order for you to feel a success, a failure, or so on.
When you have written these down, write out what rules you would like to have for these.When writing out these rules be sure to put these into perspective.Your rules must be S-M-A-R-T.This means that your rules must be


Many of our rules are complex, hard to meet and often contradictory.

Understand that by defining these rules we can gain a valuable insight into the way our minds work, which allows us to take control of our lives.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Success Thinking Breeds Success Actions

Do you know that if you think success, success will happen. Though it sounds like magic, success thinking, but that is exactly how it works! Before anything is realized in our lives, it is preceded by a thought. If you want shoes for example, you first have to think shoes. If you want to eat, you first think food. Without the thought, no action is taken and nothing is realized. In life, if you want success, you have to learn how to think successfully.

If at some point you have the thought to change a certain area of your life, deciding to create change is just the first step to making a transformation. Falling into the same approach to change what failed in the past will only lead to the same result. In order to get new results you have to change your mental patterns. Learn how to use success thinking and you will create the life you want.

It is said, "We become what we think." In other words, we are shaped by our thought. These thoughts drive the engine of your actions.

When we fail, we fail largely because of our own self-limiting thoughts and partly because of our desire to make changes in our circumstances without changing our thinking. There are no magic bullets or magic answer that will solve your situations. There are no magic diets, magic exercise machines or get-rich-quick programs.

Face it, success requires a shift in thinking. Success is not limited to a few arbitrary individuals. Success is only limited to those who learn how to think positively with the genuine belief in their ability to achieve. This means you have to change the way you talk to yourself.

Get actively involved in changing how you are thinking. Take a new mental approach and you will find your life changing as a result. The way to achieve a change in your thinking patterns is to use empowering affirmations. The words you speak are the ideas with which you train yourself and those around you to accept.

The only limitations on your life are the limitations you place on your life by how you think!

Via lifecoachadvice

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How Successful Will You Be In An Online Business?

Nowadays online business in the in thing and quite frankly you can make your millions from the net from home! But before you decide to stop whatever you're doing and delve into this big time business you must realise that there are questions you need to answer yourself in order to build your success.Here are a few tips for you.

Firstly how self disciplined are you?
Can you set your own deadlines? you have to realise that an online business requires you to sit down at the computer each day without anyone looking over your shoulder to see how much you achieved, so that means you must set your own goals and achieve them too.You will also make some sacrifices for sure, the laptop life can be solitary you know, with most correspondence via email and IM, so you have to have a way to balance your screen time with time spent outdoors and with friends and family.

Secondly how often do you study the 'science of success?'
You have to invest in uplifting cds,online training and books,specific training on success principles, goal setting and marketing.This I assure you will save you a lot of time in the future.

Thirdly write out your 'why' and study it often
Here you write out all the reasons why you are working to build your business from home. Post it where you can see it and re-read it at least daily. The key is for you to stay focused, persistent and enthusiatic towards your goals.

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bringing Out The Champion In You

I promised to tallk about being a champion. Hey I didn't forget, now here are something you can chew on for now.Have you ever been left with an inspiration but no action after hearing, reading, and watching stories about other people who are successful? If so, you're not alone. I've got a question for you: Why watch Oprah when you can be on Oprah instead? Don't you see different guests on her show every day? They're people just like you. They didn't start out on Oprah, they ended up there and it wasn't by luck either. They changed their lives to get there.

Wouldn't you like to experience some of that success for yourself? It's not difficult at all. You just need to learn how to redirect the thoughts and energy you're using already. But wait a minute what really Does being a Champion in your life mean to YOU?

Is it Being self-employed?
Or Making a certain amount of money per year?
Living in the city that you really want to live in?
Having more free time?
Having more vacation time with your family?
Living in your dream home?
Having a deep sense that you're making a contribution to the world
Visiting all the cities and countries you've wanted to visit?
Being the best mother, daughter, father, son or friend you can be?
Driving the car you've always wanted to drive?
Writing the book you've always wanted to write?
Creating the inventions in your head?
Taking action on the ideas in your head that never get out of you
Having the financial resources to contribute to people and causes you love?
Getting and staying on track with your diet?
Going to school to get a degree?
Being the best when you do your favorite activities?
Having enough money to take care of yourself and family when you retire?

Well whatever it is for you, you can have it! be continued