Saturday, March 17, 2007

Master Your Fear

"Doubt and fear are the great enemies of knowledge, and he
who encourages them, who does not slay them, thwarts himself
at every step." -- As A Man Thinketh

I've heard it said that we're born with only a few fears -
like the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All
other fears we learn along the way. Like the fear of
failure, the fear of rejection - even a fear of success.
I believe our greatest enemy in life is fear, because fear
keeps us from doing many of those things we would like to do
that would make our life more complete and more enjoyable.

Doubt is the first cousin of fear and precedes it.
If we dwell on a doubt and give in to it, it then grows into
fear.And if most of our fears and all of our doubts are learned along
the way, then we can "unlearn" them by becoming masters of
our thoughts. I've heard Zig Ziglar quote Mark Twain when he
said, "True courage is not the absence of fear, it's the
mastery of fear."

The people who live the life of their dreams have just as
many fears as those who live miserable, unfulfilled lives -
they just learned to master their fears instead of allowing
their fears to master them.

Brian Tracy has a great way to fight doubt. He says, "Don't
wonder whether something is possible - Over and over if you
have to, but ask how can you do it, not whether you can."

And I think that's worth thinking about!!


Heidi said...

This is a keeper! I think it's worth printing out.

Hope all is well.

Margie said...

Hi dear Christabelle
Wonderful and wise words here!
I agree very much with you!
Fear can cripple our life...if we let it!
We need courage to master our fears...courage is the key!

It was wonderful having you visit again...
Thank you, dear!
I am so very busy now with our newest family member...puppy Jake!
Not much time right now to write...
gosh, I can't even find the time to respond to my comments!
Take care
Love always...

Keshi said...

Chris hows it goin? HUGGGGGGGGGZ!

This post made me grow in many ways. I used to fear ppl's threats...and recently someone threatened me. After reading this post, I have no fear. If I havent done anything wrong, why should I fear.


Dinma said...

This is is absolutely great. Fear keeps you in bondage.

azuka said...

Been a while. Still MIA?

Alison Lee said...

Dear Christabelle

what you said in the post is excellent! Fear is an emotion that cripples most people. However it is an emotion that can be controlled by you. How do you control that?

By not thinking or focusing on this fear. Instead focus your thoughts on the very thing that you want. It is not going to be easy but with practice it can be done.

For example, you fear that you may spill water from a filled to the brim cup as you walk across your favorite carpet. You are focusing on this fear, what do think happens?

We cannot control what other people's thoughts. But we have the ultimate power... we can control our thoughts!


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