Monday, February 11, 2008

Leave The World A Bit Better

One of Ralph Waldo Emerson works was a poem on success, and
one of his measures of success in that poem was to, 'Leave
the world a bit better.'

That line has always stuck in my head. Emerson said you have
succeeded if you leave the world a bit better. And I have
made that line part of my life philosophy. When the tide
goes out there is a watermark left behind of where the water

When the waters of life recede from the shore of my being
and my heart pumps for the last time, my desire is that
there will be a mark where I stood. My aim is that the mark
will say, 'She has done what she could.'

Our society tells us that success is measured by bank
accounts, power, beauty and wealth. These are often the
result of hard work, luck or birth. They are not evil and I
strive for some of them daily. However, they are not the
mark I will measure the success of my life with.

So how do you do it? How do you 'leave the world a bit better?

"I am ever on the lookout to leave a positive impact on
others. Everyday that I live up to my full potential I have
the chance to be a glowing example for others to do the same."

-- It's your life, LIVE BIG!



Keshi said...

wow nice one girl!

I measure my success by the LOVE I give to the lives that I touch.


starry nights said...

I love this post christabelle.It is so true.It is what mark we leave behind is what is important.

Margie said...

Hi Dear Christabelle
How wonderful to have you back, and how lovely to have you visit me today.

A beautiful post!
It's all about what we give to the world and those in our world!
My motto like there is no tomorrow!

We never know, there just may not be one!

Love to you, dear heart!


christabelle said...

Thks Keshi,
I totally agree with you, makes me rememeber a song that says that if I can touch one life while I'm here on earth, then my life will be worth living.

Yeah Starry, thats true the foot prints that we leave on the sands of time will remain long after we have left this world.

Hi Margie,
good to see you here too, yeah, 'love like there is no tommorrw', what a great motto!

Thank you my beautiful friends!
Love ya!!