Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dawn

Do you ever notice what the dawn is really like? Take a look
at it some time and you will notice a regeneration taking

Nature doesn't have to motivate itself to begin a new day.
It begins naturally with the dawn. The sun rises over the
horizon, animal sounds begin to pervade the silence, trees
and plants awaken and a new day has surfaced.

What is your dawn like? Do you wake up and habitually do the
same things without any real awareness?

Many people begin their days with an automatic set of
thoughts, actions and feelings. What we often forget is that
each dawn is an opportunity to create the day we want. It
doesn't "dawn" on us that we can do this so instead we let
the same old thoughts, feelings and actions take over and
then we wonder why our days seem to be the same.

The earth awakens each dawn to reveal life. How do you
awaken each day?


Margie said...

What a wonderful post to start my's past dawn here but I'm just beginning my day.
I do love to walk early in the morning & catch the glory of the dawn but it's been too cold here lately for that....

Thank you for enlightening my day, Christabelle and may you have a glorious day!


starry nights said...

Beautiful post christabelle.From my bed I can ususlaly see the sun rising .I usually say a prayer before I get out of bed and hope my day will be just as good at the end of the day.