Thursday, August 12, 2010

Contagious Enthusiasm

Why and how can a positive attitude directly affect your
success? Your mood affects your beliefs, which in turn
reflects onto your personal life and whatever you do.
If you are in a negative mood, it will sweep
through your life like a wild fire.

Staying positive and enthusiastic is essential. A positive attitude along with
contagious enthusiasm will help you in life.

Even if you think of yourself as a marketing zero for example(i used
to think like that),you can make a good start towards becoming a
marketing hero if you have a positive state of mind and contagious enthusiasm.

Although you know that enthusiasm is contagious, it is also
contagious to reflect on negative energy. In fact, it is
even easier for us to pick up negative vibes and reflect
them internally in our daily lives.

So watch out for negative energy and stay away from negative
forces in your life. Being positive will promote your self-
esteem, self-belief and help you avoid depression.
Go beyond just memories of success and bring to mind
anything that makes you feel good, you'll feel better, more confident
and the future will look more promising!

You are what you think and when you think and feel stronger,
you are stronger!!

So smile and make it a great day!


starry said...

A very inspirational post.It is always good to stay away from negative energy. It is contagious just as positive energy is.

Anonymous said...

Great post! :) So true! Thanks!

Finfinn said...

Thank you this motivating and inspiring at the same time. Well dome

Sapphire said...

This is so true :) :)
"I think. Therefore, I am."
We should always be positive :) :) In fact, that is one reason why auto-suggestions even work - if you can believe in something and stick to it, things will eventually work themselves out to fit your scheme of thoughts!!
I stumbled upon this blog just now and really found it interesting :)

life skills coach said...

Enthusiasm really plays key role in the life..If you feel yourself in the positive and so enthusiasm then you can do everything you want.If feel negative impact regarding that the task its too difficult to do it.So always try to feel positive.

christabelle ogechi said...

whoops Lalitha, gud to see you my dear friend!!!! tx dearie.

Thank you Guys for ur comments on my blog, so encouraging!

Anonymous said...

awesome article! I'm totally following you, you're full of positivity :)

Yoga Now Malaysia said...

Great insight!

May more people stumble upon your positive and cheerful blog.

The world need such positive energy around.

God bless you and all...

Meng Foong

trinitystar said...

I like what you have written, but we all get negative at times, so does that mean our loves ones should stay away from us. Does that mean we should ignore someone that is negative.
The art is to embrace it and not be affected. Its hard to do. We all need each other.
Hugs for you ... lots of good points in your post too.

GOOGLE-PH said...

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Laaryssa' :D said...

Congratulations on the observation ... actually you're right! if we're constantly stressed there to complain about! because surely the response of others will be more stress! Yes, I'm nervous when I try as best appears to be well not to affect those around me!
is to beg pardon for my poor English, the more I am Brazilian and I'm still picking up the tricks of good old English, and even so I hope you feel happy because you have an assiduous reader of Brazil; D even more and continue to post more ! not be outdated: /

Kamila said...

That was very inspiring!. I was down with motivation these days. I can't write from my heart on my blog because i was thinking that I can't reach the expectation of those who would read my blog, and that stops me from posting my ideas.

thank you.

christabelle ogechi said...

@Enigma, OMG! tnx dearie.

@Yoga-bless you too.

@TrinityStar my dear, stay away from negativity!! be an encouragement to those who are down but stay away from pessimists, doesnt work, I tell u.

@Google,haha!! tnx 4 the feedback but am not out to make money or get good page view, am just an ordinary girl, lol!!

@Laaryssa, sweetie so good to have u here, tnx a lot.

christabelle ogechi said...

Kamila, dearie, dnt try to write to reach the expectation of others, most times when I write, am actually talking to myself, can u beat that, Lol!