Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Setbacks Are Lessons

"Slow and steady wins the race." It's not glamorous, but
it's true. The tragedy is that most people never even get in
the race, and many of those who do, hope that success comes
easily and swiftly.

When it doesn't, they're out of the race before it really even
begins. What they don't realize is that the decision to be
unstoppable is never made just once. It is made moment by
moment, again and again.

Setbacks are inevitable. In fact, they're evidence that
we're doing something. The more mistakes we make, the
greater our chance of success. Failures indicate a
willingness to experiment and take risks.

Unstoppable women and men have learned that each failure
brings wisdom and insight that will take them one step
closer to achieving their dreams. When we focus on one
unstoppable moment at a time and stay the course, the end
result will take care of itself.

It's important to remind ourselves that failure is an event,
not a person. If you don't achieve your 30-day goal, does
that make you a failure? If you don't get a promotion at
work, does that make you a failure? Of course not!

Failure doesn't characterize who you are. It is simply an
event that happens to you. And when you continue to move
forward, despite difficult experiences, you have already


Emme said...

you are definitely ministering me..
i give thanks for that post..
my failure doesn't make me..
it's not who I am.! yes!

Sapphire said...

So the age-old saying goes "failure is the stepping-stone to success"...
A failure simply makes you aware of your shortcomings - it's not the long as one remembers that, one will be happy :)

billiemae said...

Amen! I agree with you here.. It is about choices... I chose to go forward even when I make a wrong choice. thanks


Nice Blog You Got Here.

Soulful said...

very powerful message that i needed to here. thank you for this post

Sammantha Ford said...

Some people look at a setback as an absolute failure. Others look at it as a chance to slow down and smell the flowers.

Thank You!

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Haris said...
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Haris said...
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