Monday, April 13, 2015

Principles For Achievement

Today I want to talk about achievement.
I believe that no matter from what background, circumstances, or environment you may have come, it's always essential to strive to better yourself. I have great respect for those who are born into horrible and demeaning situations in life and yet, in spite of their situations, they got up, got out, and became successes. Some of these individuals were born on dirt floors, having to wallow in poverty, surrounded by crime, gangs, drugs, and worse.
I honour those who achieved success in spite of such challenges; especially, those who were abused by parents, guardians, or people who are supposed to be trustworthy.
What enables people to transcend dismal situations? I believe it's because they have come to know and recognize the enemies of achievement.
First, they know that even though physical poverty hurts, they also realize that poverty of the spirit is a greater problem than just being poor in money and resources.
A spirit of cynicism and a sense of boredom are the greatest enemies of progress. They produce inaction, reluctance, and cause one to retreat.
To advance and develop, you must know you can; and then, you must take action. The person who transcends even the most bleak of circumstances is the one who believes that in a universe of unlimited possibilities, there's always another opportunity to make things just a little better.
Second, achievers believe in themselves. Why should you believe in yourself? The achievement of anything begins with the idea that it is possible to do and that you can do it. Belief is a powerful motivator.
Third, achievers have figured out that problems and challenges come with the territory, and they are undaunted by them. Those who rise up and become successes in life view challenges merely as inconveniences and not as problems.
Remember no challenge is permanent, so act as if obstacles don't even exist, set goals and forge ahead, go under, over, around, and through. Focus on solutions.
Lastly achievers find joy. There is joy in living meaningfully. That choice is up to each of us. Joy is happiness that does not depend on circumstance. Find your wellspring of joy and go to it every day!!!

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Margie said...

Wonderfully inspiring ...thank you!