Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Xmas!!

Merry Christmas to all of you my wonderful friends, I really wish things were different here, but its okay, I'll make the most of the situation around here.I really miss you guys so much, you're all in my thoughts.

Keshi, pls do take care, May God be with you and see you through with whatever you are facing in your life right now. Love you girl.

And all of you, here's lots of huggggggggggs from me.

Untill I blog again, take care all of ya!!


samuru999 said...

Hi dear Christabelle
Merry Christmas to you!
It was a special treat to have you visit my blog today!
Thanks for the kind words!
I have been kind of sick the past few days, so your visit uplifted my spirits...I do not like being sick...but,who does?

I wish all of God's wonderful blessings in your life!

Take good care!



Keshi said...

Its so sweet of u to mention me very special ur soul is. ty n HUGGGGGGGGZ! I will TC, dun worry. U guys have been awesome...I have no words!

When will u be bak? Im gonna miss u again :(

Whatever u do, wherever u r Chris, look up at the sky in the night, see a star and think of me...cos I will b thinking of u too.


Calabar Gal said...

Merry Xmas to you too and best wishes for the New Year ahead!!! Cheers!!!

samuru999 said...

Dear Christabelle, I hope your new year will be blessed with love, peace and much joy!
Happy New Year!
I miss you!
Take care of yourself!



Keshi said...

Happy New Year Chris!


samuru999 said...

Hope so much all is well in your life...miss you lots, Christabelle!

Wishing you always
A bright sky above
The pleasure of doing
The things that you love...
God's blessings around you
His light from on high
And deeper contentment
As each day goes by.

Love from...