Monday, November 20, 2006

Been a while, if any of you happen to drop by I'm reallysorry I might not be able to be blogging like before or coming around to your sites, I am under a terrible pressure right now, I've been given this outrageous target, I don't even have a clue how I'm going to make it, guys, its really tough.

You know I was thinking on how ironical it is that I wrote that post about making time for joy and how it is now I hardly have time for anything else in my life again. God help me.

So pls you pray for me if you happen to read this.
I miss you all so much and my blog like hell.

Azuka, hey I'm not on the run oo, na Naija wahala.


azuka said...

We understand. Everybody gets those crazy moments too...

samuru999 said...

I have missed sooooo much!
I was so very happy to see you at my blog today!
I just got in from work...
and have to cook dinner...
be back very soon!
Love you always!


Keshi said...

hey Chris take it easy! No target in life is sooo important that u have to miss out on joy. TC sweetie HUGGGGGGZ!


samuru999 said...

I'm back Christabelle...

You know I have missed you so much, and was thinking of you every day..and wondering how you were doing.
I am so sorry to hear about your being under the terrible pressure.
I sure will be praying for you..
I promise..Ok!
Oh, my next post is going to be
If you can find enough time...
check on it.
If not,I do understand.

Take good care of yourself!
Love always!


Etchen said...

I hope you reach your traget! Best wishes and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

samuru999 said...

Missing you!
You are in my thoughts and prayers!
Take care dear one!


Anonymous said...

Hi Christabelle
I just want to let you know I am thinking of you...and miss you bunches!
Hope all is well!
You are in my prayers!

Luv you!