Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dealing With Tough Times

Yeah, wanna know how to deal with tough times, well come along

First, focus on what is working right in your life, at work, in
your marriage, within your own child. What is working right,
what are they doing well, what are their strengths. If you
can't find any, ask someone to point the strengths and good
things out. You may be too blocked to see them.

Second, take time to really appreciate what you do have. .
Do you appreciate all that you have? Sometimes we get so
busy looking ahead at where we are going that we forget
to look behind from where we came.

Third, help someone get what you want. For instance, if cash
flow is low then help someone's business make money by
referring business. Need a car, find someone who needs
transportation and help them. Help someone succeed.

How about this:

1. Recall a time when things were tough. Looking back did
your drama, silent treatment, pity party or anger help you
or the situation?

2. Recall a story that you read about or that someone shared
with you about a tough time they went through. Was it worse
than what you are going through now? Did they survive and
succeed? Will you?

3. Recall a time when you just knew you were alright even
though things didn't look that way. Know that you are
alright right now.

And know what, you sure are!!!

Bless YOU.


starry nights said...

Wonderful thoughts and ideas.thanks for sharing.

trinitystar said...

Life is about sharing and helping people to the best of our abilities. There is enough to go round ... it is just the fear within us that makes us think ... we wont have enough.
Good ideas.

a >--------<---<@ for you
on this special day of love.

Heidi said...

Happy Valentines Day :)

Paul said...

A positive attitude helps; at the same time, if adversity is severe and sustained enough, it isn't possible to be as "up" as, say, we were prior to becoming semi bedridden due to a progressive illness...

So far as my most severe adverity goes, the loss of good health 12 years ago, I can't say "this was worth it", or "I'm glad it happened because I learned THAT much from it!"

It's hard to replace being able to walk around...

At the same time, if the severe adversities don't kill you and leave your mind intact, there is a level of deep deep peace - and strength - that you might not otherwise have encountered as fully.

But again - worth it? No. The loss in life's joys and what we learn from those experiences, as well as from adversities, is too steep for me to be able to say this.

I have learned that the world doesn't revolve around the happiness of any one of us, myself now obviously included.

- Paul formerly of spiritualdiablog and possiblegospel, now Original Faith

samuru999 said...

Hi Dear Christabelle
Such a wonderful and inspiring post!
You helped me with it!
Thanks so much!

Hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day.
Mine was wonderful....I am blessed!

I will be back to posting soon!

Love to you!


Keshi said...

mwahhhhh I miss u!

Happy V-day sweetie!

christabelle said...

Thank you all so much for being here,
I've missed you guys sooooo much.

Hey, Trinitystar welcome!! hope you'll be back.

Paul, Welcome, I can feel you, but I like this phrase "ascentuate the positive and eliminate the negative".

And I say this, its really worth it paul, remember you can never buy experience, you earn it!

Ugo Daniels said...

What an inspirational and motivating write-up. I wont ever miss a single one again.

Thanks for sharing all thses with us.