Thursday, July 08, 2010

On Facing Adversity

You can't always control what happens to you, but you can
always control how you react to what happens to you

Did you get that? Please read that again as it's that

In life, any number of things can happen -- good or bad. As
someone far brighter than I once said, "the only constant thing in life is

So, no matter what may have happened to us, whether it was someone taking advantage of us, a shift in the economy that led to being downsized,the death of a loved one or
virtually any other situation you choose to apply to this,
the simple truth remains -- how we choose to react to it is
well within our control.

That is not to say that it's always going to be easy,
sometimes it means accepting things we have a hard time
accepting, and taking corrective measures that are anything
but comfortable.

However, the powerful thing about acknowledging this truth
is that in doing so we come to realize that we are able to
get over simply accepting the role of victim -- the part
that says, this happened to me -- this is why I'm this way,
and as a result I can't do anything to change where I am.

Instead we are able to move to a more empowering position
of, this happened, but by taking action I can change my
particular situation for the better.

Through fully embracing the belief that you have control
over how you react to what occurs in your life you unleash
your personal greatness. You no longer have to accept that
you are at the mercy of whatever may come your way, but
rather that you can take an active role in defining, and in
turn get on with living your perfect life.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was very inspirational. Keep up the good work. Your words lift people's spirits.

christabelle ogechi said...

thanks a lot, really appreciate.