Monday, February 20, 2006

Don't Live By DEFAULT, Live By DESIGN

Are you ready to create your life by design? Of course, you say, but just how do I do that? Aren't the circumstances of my life simply the ways things are? How do I influence what my life looks like? Aren't you someone who always says it is important to accept life exactly as it is? This, of course, is one of the divine paradoxes of the universe. To be at peace, I must accept and embrace the current conditions and circumstances of my life.

But that does not mean I lack the power to create an entirely new and different set of circumstances. In truth, I am already creating my life experience moment by moment. The question is, am I doing this consciously or unconsciously? The difference between living life by design and life by default is in the power of focus and attention.

Create a vision for yourself and your life.


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