Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What It Takes To Exploit Your Potentials

You see many people live their whole lives "underachievers" but the question is why, well many people live and even die without realizing that! There are many thing that we do that make this happen, for example many cling to past and regrets of mistakes made yesterday, if you are one of such, you will never have a fulfilled life, here are some things you need to ponder on.

First of all free yourself from the past by identifying and cleaning up your unfinished business..
Also remember that today is a result of all theToday's that came before it. A well lived present will naturally produce wonderful future. Save a dollar today,and you'll have a dollar tomorrow. Eat 500 calories less today, and you'll lose weight tomorrow. Only what you do TODAY can affect tomorrow.

And never trade what you want at the moment, for what you want the most. If you just react to the next thing that gets your attention, you'll never have enough time for what is important. Don't schedule your time around your priorities, schedule your Priorities around your time.
Most importantly plan instead of wishing: START! Do something! If you just sit around *wishing* that things would be better, it's not likely that they ever will be. Have you ever heard the saying "wish in one hand, pour peas in the other then, see which fills up faster." Hm, Create a plan, and get into action. Make the most of your life.


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