Monday, September 11, 2006

Don't Live By DEFAULT, Live By DESIGN

Are you ready to create your life by design?

Of course, you may say, but just how do I do that? Aren't the circumstances of my life simply the way things are, you may ask? How do I influence what my life looks like? Well here's some food for thought then; are you someone who always says it is important to accept life exactly as it is? This, according to you, is one of the divine paradoxes of the universe, to be at peace, I must accept and embrace the current conditions and circumstances of my life, you say. Tell you what, you are living by default!

When you tell yourself that you have the power to create an entirely new and different set of circumstances and in truth, you are already creating a life experience moment by moment, and most importantly you are doing this consciously? You are living by design. Because you know that within you lies the power to change your life. You see, the main difference between living life by design and life by default is in the power of focus and attention. SIMPLE AND SHORT!!

So, create a vision for yourself and your life today.




LondonBuki said...

Hmmm... this got me thinking. I try to be satisfied whatever situation I find myself, thankful that I am alive and well... but I know I am not happy, it is hard.

So what I do is I am thankful but I work towards and pray for a change.

Nice post.

kazey said...

weew nice post , need to print it on a sticker. :)

dr_bristow said...

Definitely some food for got me thinking about the different areas of my life and different parts that I can and should change.

Etchen said...

You know, I have come to relaize that you would be a perfect motivational are just always right on with your posts!

samuru999 said...

You are such a smart, wise and beautiful person!

I love this post!
Thanks my dear Christbelle!

Keshi said...

well Chris what can I say...u have the power to move me. TY!


christabelle said...

Buki: yeah, its hard, but we'll keep on trying.

Kazey: hey, thks a zillions and welcome here.

Dr. Bristow: thks doc. hope ur ok, thats the spirit girl.

Etchen: hey, I'm not in that league yet oo!, but thank you soooo much, its so encouraging to hear that kind of talk, u know its mind lifting. thank you dear.

Margie: Sweetie, bless your heart, I dnt know what else to say but I appreciate it very much. Huggggs and pls feel beta.

Keshigirl: Hi girl, hows u, beta? always remember you are thot of with warm thots, huggggs! Ure special u know.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

The blogosphere had made it possible for me to brand my genius and so far so good.

God bless.