Thursday, October 12, 2006

hi Guys, I'm sorry I left without a goodbye, I am currently in the US, will be coming back next week, all updates then.
Do take care now all of you.


Anonymous said...

At least we all can now have some peace of mind knowing you are safe and well.

Hope you bring something for the babies you left behind ( I am talking about me me me).

I miss you

Azuka said...

So you're here? Where exactly in the US are you hiding?

Calabar Gal said...

Being in the US is no excuse!! There's internet virtually everywhere. You've been warned. LOL

Anthony Arojojoye said...

Here's ur punishment;
You've just been tagged.
Check my blog

starry nights said...

Have fun and take care.

christabelle said...

Hi Everybody,
I'm back!!!

Hey Queen, thks, no wahala!!!

Azuka: me hiding, Hm, actually I was busy touring the US hehehe!
Anyway I was in NY, PA, Ohio and New Jersey, Spent few days in each place, wass that hiding? Muahhhhh!

Calabar girl: internet evetywhere? huh? Imagine I went to a flying J restop to send a mail and I spent 5 dollars! what! how much I carry go, Abeg after that I just decided to give it a break, I mean I was checking but no time to reply, yes oo!

Anthony: wow! I actually get to be punished, sure I'll check, hope I'm not late shaa!

Starry thanks dear.

Alright guys I'll be with all of ya b/4 you say Jack Robbins!

Keshi said...

hey thats good to hear Chris. TC n will catch u laterzz!


Queen said...

Hey Chris I was the one that posted the first comment oooo
I dont know why the thing put me as annonymous