Monday, October 30, 2006

Making Time For Joy

Stop Putting Off Time For Joy In Your Life

As we speed through life, living on the edge at a faster and
faster pace, we need to stop and:

* review our values
* decide the direction of our lives and how we want to spend
our time, money and energy
* take care of ourselves and recharge our batteries. Hehehe!
* find time for peace and quiet
* make room for love in our lives

Have you put off time for relationships, hopes, dreams? Have
you put off time for fun, relaxation, joy?

If your life is moving at such a fast and hectic speed that
you're not enjoying it, then what are you hurrying toward?
What are you working to achieve? When will it get better?
When will you enjoy your life?

When you feel overwhelmed or so frazzled you can't find the
energy to do anything, that's when you need to make the time
to visit a friend, go fishing, meditate, take a
trip to the museum, go for a walk or even shopping!

Come on make time for yourself, cause you have only one life, don’t you ever forget that, so take care of it!


samuru999 said...

You are so right Christabelle!
We have to find the time for joy...
because if there's no joy in your life..then it is just passing you by. we nned to take care of yourselves..and be happy...

Hope you are fine!


lalitha said...

so true. we have one life, we should live it well the best way we can. life sure passes us by. nice post. made me look back on my life.

Cari said...

very true

no time to live for pettiness
its time to live life and enjoy the bad and the good and whatever is in between

azuka said...

You don run commot again. You go wound oh!

Cinderella said...

Coming here after a long time...and boy it sure feels good !!!

Dint have internet for about 3 months so was outta touch.
How have you been dear??

This was a lovely post...and reminds me of a hindi poem I'd come across lately.It spoke on the same lines,the same thoughts.

Brougth back fond memries of childhood.Days were such fun,no?

Thnx for that.
Take care.