Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Secret Of Success Is InThe Mind

Do you know before generally people had believed that financial freedom was simply not for everyone but a "lucky few". This belief was based on some myths like these:

Myth no 1: Millionaires are more intelligent and better educated than you and I.
Number 2: Honest people don't get rich.
Myth no 3: Millionaires work 10 times as hard as the ordinary man in the street.
Number 4: You need money to make money.
But the funny thing is that most millionaires have "begged and borrowed" to get started. Some have even been bankrupt and fired.
Financial prosperity and or a fulfilling life well lived are goals we can all achieve if we understand the principles of success. The main attraction of money is FREEDOM to choose your desired lifestyle. Earning a great deal of money should not be for it's own sake. I really believe that most people are too busy earning a living to stop and think about how they could get rich and solve their moneyproblems...and that is the reason why they haven't been able to do so. Do you ever think through your particular situation?

Do you like what you do for a living? Millionaires love their occupations. Work is leisure, your hobby. Most millionaires continue working long after becoming millionaires.
Don't give yourself a choice, an exit. "Put your back to the wall" and "burn the bridges behind you". I had no other options here in "Sleepy Hollow" and the internet is my "tool" to reach out to the world and achieve my personal goals. ACQUIRE THE MENTALITY OF A MILLIONAIRE: Most people don't believe there are secrets to wealth - they believe rich people are just "lucky". Hm. Most people don't believe they can ever become rich. But BELIEVE that you can and crave it passionately. Use your IMAGINATION. Think and act successfully.


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