Friday, April 21, 2006

The Place Called There

Wao! it's good to be back after a while, to all my faithful readers. Hey! she's back, Tell you what I really missed my blog, I can't believe I love writing like this, I thought I was just a talkative not a writative, or is there anything like that? just kidding! Anyway I'm very happy to be able to post again.

Meanwhile I'll leave you with some thoughts.

Do you know this?

Losers always discuss their obstacles.

Winners always talk opportuinities.

Champions seize their day.

The first step towards success is the willingness to listen, absorb the wisdom of great people.

And most importantly remember this success doesn't just "happen" you set it in motion!

So my dear friends meditate on these thoughts as we travel to this land called SUCCESS.That's the place called there!

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