Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How Successful Will You Be In An Online Business?

Nowadays online business in the in thing and quite frankly you can make your millions from the net from home! But before you decide to stop whatever you're doing and delve into this big time business you must realise that there are questions you need to answer yourself in order to build your success.Here are a few tips for you.

Firstly how self disciplined are you?
Can you set your own deadlines? you have to realise that an online business requires you to sit down at the computer each day without anyone looking over your shoulder to see how much you achieved, so that means you must set your own goals and achieve them too.You will also make some sacrifices for sure, the laptop life can be solitary you know, with most correspondence via email and IM, so you have to have a way to balance your screen time with time spent outdoors and with friends and family.

Secondly how often do you study the 'science of success?'
You have to invest in uplifting cds,online training and books,specific training on success principles, goal setting and marketing.This I assure you will save you a lot of time in the future.

Thirdly write out your 'why' and study it often
Here you write out all the reasons why you are working to build your business from home. Post it where you can see it and re-read it at least daily. The key is for you to stay focused, persistent and enthusiatic towards your goals.

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