Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Building A Lasting Result With The Power Of Focus

When we are not getting what we want out of life it is usually because we are not focusing our attentions on what really matters to us. We tend to focus our energy on fear, lack, shoulds and what we don't want. As a result it slows us down and in some cases halts all our progress, thus creating exactly what we don't want.

Well here is the good news, focusing on what you want is a learned skill. It may take time and patience but it is doable. Here are some strategies to get you focused and moving in the right direction.

1. Examine your values. Do you ever find yourself dissatisfied and filled with resentment when you are busy checking things off your list? It could be that your activities are not in line with your values. Sit down with yourself and look at what really matters to you. Ask yourself if this is important? Does it make you feel good? Does it fit with who you are and the direction you are heading? Get clear about your values and how they fit into your life.

2. Make priorities. In the times we live in, it is very easy to get overloaded trying to do everything at once. As a result we never actually focus on one thing a 100%, and fragmented attention produces fragmented results. Pick one or two things that you are going to make a priority for the next 3 to 6 months and put everything else on the back burner.

3. Get clear. Most of the time if you ask someone to really describe what it is that they want they can not really articulate what it looks like. Spend time getting clear about what you want. Be able to describe it, create a picture. The clearer you are the easier it will be to attract into your life. Whenever you find yourself thinking about what you do not want, stop and think about how it can translate into creating something positive. For example, instead of saying I don't want to be sick, say I want to be in perfect health.

4. Face your fear. Fear is one of the most common reasons why people don't get what they want. When we experience fear the most common reaction is to either run or to create strategies to avoid it. As a result, it blocks us from moving forward because now we are focused on avoiding the fear versus creating what we want. Understand that fear is normal. Face your fear head on, talk about it, accept it, and understand it. When you do this a wonderful thing happens, the fear loses its energy and its hold over you.

5. Say affirmations. Say affirmations on a regular basis using powerful, positive, specific language to reinforce what you are creating in your life. For example, if you are looking for prosperity create an affirmation such as, "Prosperity flows to me." Say it often during the day and reaffirm it when prosperity does flow to you. This will help you stay focused on what you are wanting.

6.Develop an action plan. When you feel that you are focused on what you want and feel excited about moving forward it is time to create an action plan. Here is the key to a good action plan, make sure it fits with your personality. Create a plan that works with who you are. If you hate structure and love to be spontaneous create a plan that allows that. Stop trying to force yourself into something that is against your nature.

Most importantly however, focus is a key component to deliberately and actively creating the life you want.
So get your energy focused on the right things to create lasting results.

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