Tuesday, August 08, 2006

For Love Or Money?

I was arguing with a colleague
about Love and money, he says
women only fall in love when the
guy has some dough to play around with,
I definitely diagree with him, but
he passionately believes it to be
true, so I've decided to share this
questions with all of you, "is it
possible for love to exist without
Please I need you guys to comment
on this especially the ladies
lets prove to this guy, that indeed love
can exist without money.
Who knows, maybe he's hurt cause
someone rejected him and he feels it's
because he's not rich enough, hehehe!
I told him I'm going to ask my blogging
friends and he agreed. So what do you think?


starry nights said...

I think for the most part true love happens when there is a chemistry between two people. Does not have to be Because he has money.so many fall in love with someone and dont even know if he is rich or poor. There are some women who want rich guys, not in love but just to have a good time.

Amber @ Cafe Physique said...

I think that you can have love without money, but I do have to admit that it would be hard. The stresses of being broke can put a lot of strain on a relationship. However, if the 2 people really truly love each other - it can definitely work.

Belle said...

i definitely dont think you have to have money to have love. In naija though, it sure seems like money is a prerequisite (or at least a stimulant of sorts) for a lot of women, and thats sad.
Anything is possible!

samuru999 said...

I pretty much agree with all that srarry said!
I do not think I coild be married to someone only for money...
the nights would get pretty lonely.
And I would not be able to pretend I had feelings if I did not!
Now to have love and money ...
That is ok!

Ekta said...

Of course its possible!
All types make the world and although there are women who look at money before looking at the guy...there are also women who dont care abt the moolah!
And am saying this coz am married and my marriage had nothing to do with money!:-)

The Artist said...

If the love is there the rest falls into place. Money as an end in itself never brings happiness.

zaiprincesa said...

i dont think true love has anything to do with the amount of money a person has...broke pple fall in love too!..if money becomes a prerequisite, then DUH!, obviously it aint love!

shirley said...

I agree with Artist, love is something that happens between to people before they even know it. i dont think money is everything in the world. Money without joy, happiness and love what kind of life would that be? But love without money can lead you any where. If you find love and money, your good.

Keshi said...

he's just had some greedy ex-GFs maybe. Thats all :)

** "is it
possible for love to exist without

Ofcourse it is possible. Not only possible, true love is always money-independent.


Anand said...

Well unfortunately we all watch too many movies:-)
All kinds of people exist everywhere and although there might be some women who are gold diggers there are a good bunch of women who love a person for the person he/she is rather than the money or the fame...
SOme people tend to generalise due to the bad experiences they might have had however that might not be the common truth across

LondonBuki said...

It is possible to have love without money BUT people like life to be easy.

When I meet a guy, I like to know he has plans for the future. I am not saying he has to be rich but he has to be comfortable.

Money problems can make things harder...

truthfully said...

There is definitely love without money; true love.
But I don't know about respect.....it takes more than just love to make a relationship work (as I'm sure anyone who's ever been in one will testify). Love is (or should be) the foundation, but other things such as patience, perseverance and respect come into play also.

Its not so much about if a guy has money, its more about his drive and determination to suceed - I think most ladies regard a man who has acquired material wealth as someone who possesses these qualities. But there are loads of nice ladies out there who are more than happy to stand by your broke ass if you've got some potential and a big heart. I think I might even be one of them......

NaijaBloke said...

Plz ppl letz not decieve ourselves ...This issue cuts into 2 ways,r we talking abt a chic that is already done well for herself and is rich or a chic that is struggle or still young and has not achieved anything?

In Nigeria of 2day ..a chic is not even going to give u the time of day not to talk of even having a relationship with u if she does not see a future prospect in u,as in u might be broke 2day but at least u r working towards making something outta urself.

Just like when we were in school and u try talking to some chics,the first thing they ask u is what is ur major... am pretty sure if I was telling a bunch of them that my major was in yoruba,non of them will give me the light of day.Even over here in the US,I have talked to a bunch chics that they r actually aspiring to get married to a doctor,cos doctors make more money than they have time to spend here.

So when it comes to a chic fallin in love with a guy,I think it actually has to do with the level the chic is herself,like I have seen instances where chics that r alrdy doing well for themselves actually get married to a guy they have not even seen before just cos they r getting old and been pressured by either their parents or the society.

christabelle said...

Thks all you guys that commented, from all ur comments I think point has been made. hehehehe!

Hey shirley, Zai princes and Naija bloke, thks so much for coming, I hope u'll be back.

Naija Bloke, Well I'm talking about ladies in general whether Americans, Australians,Indians and wherever not just Naijas ladies and I HOPE ur not speaking for all the Naija ladies in America.LOL!!

Of course I agree that money can put a stress on a r/tionship as Amber and Londonbuki pointed out, but most times it is the r/tionship that started with money in the first place.

Hey truthfully, that was truthful indeed.

Anyway b/4 I digress I'm glad there r a lot of u ladies out there who believes with me that true love can exist without money.
And even a guy! Now thats something.

I hope that when I get married it will be for love and love alone but if he has some dough to spill around, well gr8! hehehehe!!

I really enjoyed reading all your comments. thks Y'all.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Naija Bloke was more realistic.

There is no romance without finance.

How many of you are willing to live a precarious life with a starving artist whose welfare hangs on the hope of selling some artworks and in Nigeria where there are more vandals and intellectual morons than art collectors, he would starve to death and no amount of kisses of life by the woman who loves him can bring him back to life.

I am saying this from the unfortunate lives of artists I knew who died of poverty in Nigeria and the Nigerian women who admired them for their talents avoided them to marry rich boyfriends.

Funso Alabi and Richard Mofe Damijo(RMD) started acting at the same period when artists were suffering and dying in Nigeria. Funso was very principled and refused to compromise his strict rules of engagement. But RMD used his good looks for public relations and dating and wedding a rich older woman and went on to to become a comfortable actor while Funso Alabi died of poverty. Most of the Nigerian women who knew him did not fall in love with him, because he had no fat bank account, no road-worthy car and his flat on Community Road in Akoka a semi-squalor in Lagos was not habitable during the rainy season when the Community Road is flooded. No Nigerian babe or lady was willing to wade through the flood to warm Funso Alabi's cold bed without a fat fee. And he had no jeep to carry them through the rugged and flood road of his spartan life.

The hypocrites among them who are still single old girls in Christian Churches complain of not seeing husbands, but most of them are actually praying and searching for rich young men or rich older men to marry.

I have been a counselor and I can confirm the examples of the hypocrisy and falsehood of Nigerian women who pay lip service and eye service to love, but are actually whores in disguise.

One recently dumped my friend.
Because, my good friend who studied Geology refused an oil company job to risk his life as a writer in Lagos.

I know how to address and take care of them. Because if you are a very good actress, I am even a better director and I can direct any role she wants to play.

I write the script and direct the drama of life and I only take orders from God.

The world of full of hypocrites, parasites and prostitutes and most of them are the female flock.

As Jesus Christ said, by the fruits you shall know them and not by what they confess or profess and not by their dress.

I thank God for my confident looks, charisma and divine favours since my childhood. Because, I have had young and older Western women coming to look for me and visiting me and emloying me on major projects and anyway I know how to love women than most men and the women who need to be loved know how to find me and I must confess that I would have been a successful gigolo if not for my Christian vows.

Only White women believe more in love than Black women. Because in Nigeria love has a price-tag.

The amount of money I spent last month to visit a lonely Nigerian babe who wants to prove that she loves me is enough to give to a poor widow to start a GSM Telephone Call centre and earn some money to take care of her poor fatherless children. And I felt guilty whilst I visited this Nigerian babe, because I broke my golden rules just to make her happy. She begged and pleaded that she wanted me to visit her and out of the humility of my loving kindness I obliged and crossing the sea, travelling by road and paying for where I lodged cost me some lump sum as I mentioned earlier.
No romance without finance.

Taking a babe or lady out on a date will cost you money and in Nigeria the bride price is not like the dowry in India and again the house rent for keeping a wife and starting a family will cost some money. Otherwise date and marry a rich girl or sugar mummy like what most good looking and smart poor guys are doing.

God bless.

christabelle said...

well Osinachi, to tell you the truth, I think thats your opinion and I quite appreciate that but I still think and believe that you r not speaking for all ladies, sure there r gold diggers but they're not even majority of us, really there r many things you guys think u know about us but really dnt, rite ladies? hehehe!

Now dnt get me wrong I'm not talking about the no good guys who doesnt hv any plans for their when they fail to deceive a lady will def turn and blame it on her being a gold diggr, I WONT do that neither would I advice anybody to. BUt once youre hardworking, and not afraid to get your hands dirty, hey not that "dirty" but the hard work type, I'm telling you even the Naija ladies that u guys say r gold diggers, u will find out r not like that.

Ahem! thats my 2 pence.