Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Let Go Of The Past

Have you ever walked by a
low fence and wondered why
the dog inside will run to
it, but won't jump over,
no matter how many times he runs to it
barking and growling?
The thing is that the dog was placed inside
the fence as a puppy.
He grows up seeing that fence as being higher
than it is. He learned as a puppy that no matter how many times
he tries to clear it, it's just too high. Over time he gradually
tries less often, until eventually he quits trying.
He just knows he'll never clear that fence.

The same thing happens to us over the years. We try to reach a goal and
fail.We muster up the courage to try again and fall just short of the mark.
Gradually that fence becomes higher in our minds, than it really is.
It's a gradual insidious process and we seldom notice it's happening.
Over time that fence becomes more imposing. Our efforts become a little
less enthusiastic. We start building fences in our mind and like that
little puppy we begin to break. We begin a new goal with so many doubts.
We just know we won't reach it, and so we don't. We start thinking to
ourselves, I knew I couldn't do it. Our doubts become a self fulfilling

But hey! It doesn't have to be that way.

Realise this: Our failures aren't us. Our limitations are nothing more
than fences we've built in our minds. The cycle can be broken, if we
could learn to stop thinking about our past failures and concentrate
on the here and now. Stop mistaking your past limitations for who you are.

Let go and move on.
Begin every task as if it were impossible to fail.
You can, if you think you can.
Wishing You Success.

Keep this in mind; you have the right to choose!

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Neers said...

wow! very well said! *claps* :)

samuru999 said...

That was wondeerful!
Oh, I am so glad my Untitled poem
meant so much to you!
( and, I do need to give it a title)
It so cheers me whem my poetry gives meaning to you!
Take care!

Etchen said...

I missed reading your blog and can't wait to catch up on it! I hope all is well with you (and that your grandmother is recooperating as well)

Keshi said...

true we have to let go of our past and move on to the future. Great post as usual.

Although I find it very hard to forgive few of my mistakes in the past and also I find it so hard to forget my dad's death. It's easier said than done Chris :(


Ekta said...

awesome post!
U hit the nail on the head...indeed ou weaknesses are nothing but the fences we have craeted in our minds of what we can and cannot do!
The day we break these fences we will discover a completely new world!

christabelle said...

Neers: thank you and thks for stopping by.

Margie: Yes oo, that poem was so beautiful, I was wondering why u didnt title it. thank u.

Etchen: great to have you back, i hope u enjoyed ur self, but ouch, that was Ebun's grandma that is sick, rite now she's doing ok. not in top heath but gr8.

Keshi: thats true, its easier said than done but the point is nevr give up, keep at it untill u do it, thats what I tell myself.

Ekta: u couldnt have said it beta, I pray we find a way to break all the fences preventing us from who we are and what we can achieve.

samuru999 said...

I see you have a picture up now!
I have to comment on it... as you look so much like a very dear friend of mine!
Her name is Melissa, and we have been friends since we both moved to Colorado Springs in 1991... and her daughter and my son are like brother and sister!
I was a nanny to Melissa's daughter for 2 years.
Melissa is such a wondeful friend!
I love her dearly!
Well, just wanted to share that with you!
Take care!

starry nights said...

Beautiful and meaningful post.thank you.its always inspiring.

Belle said...

1st off, nice pic!
very nice post.... wow--did you write that? amazing!!

anand said...

hey christabelle,
Wonderful post and great analogy...and indeed sometimes our past failures shake our confidence so much that we let it overpower us and rule the rest of our lives...

christabelle said...

Margie: gr8, I luk like a friend, wow! does she blog? I'd like soo much to see this lady I look like, and I'm glad for the good r/tionship u have.
Margie thks for sharing that. huggggz!!

Starry nites: thank you.

Belle: thks, well I saw this story about the dog and its failure to clear the fence, well analyse it, I think you'll come to the same conclusion as I did. Simple.

Anand: so true, I agree with u, becos I've experienced it, it took me time to realise, the past is nothing but the past, to leave yesterdays failures behind and move on, it took me time I must say, You know this blog has really helped me becos most times when I write I realise I'm talking to myself, thinking out loud, then I shake myself.

Well, I believe I'll get there one day, and guess what? I believe the same for all of you too!!!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

We can only learn from the mistakes of the past and not to be left groping behind time.

As time continues, life goes on.

God bless.