Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Opinions...Or Facts?

If your mind was a huge, blank sheet of paper, what would you fill the space with? Would you use it to create positive or negative thoughts?

Using your mind as a blank sheet of paper gives you the chance to create new goals, and to reach for new heights. A blank page gives you an important guide that pushes you toward self motivation and inspiration. You can create a new beginning. It's your choice and not anyone else's. You can use it to erase any negative thoughts, feelings, or opinions.

When someone tells you you can't do something, can you separate the fact of their statement from their opinion?

Understanding that there is a great distinction between the two may decide your success or failure. How valuable is their opinion? What is the truth behind the statement? Being able to determine the difference between facts and opinions when you hear them is important. Always consider the cost of having someone else's opinion prevent you from doing something that is not based on facts. Do the facts out-weigh the opinions? Or, are the opinions more important than your desire to be the self you want?

This is like knowing that just because it's raining outside, it doesn't have to be a bad day. One is fact; the other is an opinion. Use this guidance whenever you find yourself hesitating to make a decision in your life. When someone gives you a negative opinion, you can accomplish more by not getting discouraged. Knowing that an opinion is nothing more than a comment of what, or how, a person feels and believes, is important because most of the time, it is not what they know that is true.



LondonBuki said...

That's a lot to think about...

I'm liking your blog so far :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your words.

Ebun said...

Wow this is good for me. Thanks. So when are going to be done with your exams?

Ebun said...

I went through your posts I missed, I love your post on You're responsible. Really good.

starry nights said...

Wonderful post and thought true.its up to us to fill it with negative or positive thoughts.

Ekta said...

hey christ,
very interesting topic and ur post gives us some food for thot!
Indeed a lot of times we react to people opinion and actually beleive it to be a fact when it might not be!!
Its important and in our own interest that we are able to keep these two separate and think rationally!

christabelle said...

buki, thks for stopping by 2.

ebun, I'll soon be done with them, oh I cant wait to, so I can catch up at least a bit, I've reeeeally missed u guys like hell.

thks starry nite, it sure does.

ekta, u know thats so true, I've made that mistake a whole lot of time, infact someone said someting abt me on Monday that got me thinking on that line, "is it his opinion or a staetment of fact?" after considering it very well, I let him know that it was just an opinion not a fact, and that was it for me, thats y I did this post.

samuru999 said...

I love your blog and all you have to say!
Fact or opinion?
I might relate to it this way.
" If someone has an opinion about me, and I did not like it, it should not upset me ... as it is only their opinion...
and not a fact... and they are entitled to their opinion.
Another's opinion about me is
not a factor in how I feel about
I so enjoy having you visit me at
my blog!
Take care and have a wonderful