Thursday, May 11, 2006

Be Different And Unstoppable

Do you realize that everybody is born with a trait or the ability to succeed? So whether you’re a success or a failure is just up to you, you alone have the responsibility of taking action to free yourself of all the chains of limitations, which bind you. You have the ability to change your circumstance and dictate how you want to live your life. Don’t sit back and watch yourself fall apart as many often do. Most celebrities like Micheal Jordan and others will attest to the fact that sheer hard work and determination play a key role in transforming ordinary people's lives into huge successes.
But for you to be that person you’ve always dreamt about you must have:
-A clear vision of what you want to achieve.
-Great determination.
-An intense desire to succeed.
-A capacity for hard work.
-Great commitment to your cause.
-A willingness and ability to take risks.
-A positive attitude.
-No room for self-pity.

Dare to step out from your perceived circle of limitation and reach out for your dream.
Be different and unstoppable!

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1 comment:

Amara said...

THis was exactly my little advice to someone younger thatn I am. I have come to realise that once you are on your way to sucees, oppositions will come. Thanks for such blogs that encourages us. Nice blog you have here.