Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You Have The Right To Choose

We have choices in life. We can look for the lesson and beauty in every single thing that happens to us. Or we can go through life kicking and screaming about everything that has, is, could, or will happen to us. Life is meant to be a journey, something we learn from and grow from. It is meant to be a journey of self discovery and joy, but you have to choose.
There's this sisters growing up in the same house. Their mother is an excellent seamstress and sews for many people in the town. She also makes all of the clothes her two daughters wear which gives her great pride in dressing them in the latest fashions at a fraction of the cost. The mother loves seeing her daughters in her creations. Sewing for her daughters is an act of love for the mother.
One sister loves the fact that her mother sews her such beautiful clothes. She calls then her designer clothes. She feels the love and care that goes into each new garment. She feels so special putting on the new dresses and showing her friends.
The other sister hates the fact that her mother sews her clothes. She feels others will think they cant afford store bought clothes. She hates being even slightly different than her friends even though it means she has nicer clothes. She is embarrassed and feels that if her mother really cared she would buy her clothes from the store.
Can you imagine? Two sisters living under the same roof, experiencing the exact same circumstances in different ways. One has chosen to make one meaning out of it and the other, a totally different meaning.
We have choices too. How will we see things in our lives, our businesses, relationships, our abundance or lack of it. What are we willing to do to see the positive side of the coin. More to the point, what are we willing to do to change how we see things?

I once read a book that touched me and made me realise that living life to the fullest is all my choice and not about how much I have, I think thats true.


Keshi said...

very inspiring post Christabelle...true, we r what we choose to be...our lives r what we choose to live as...

I love ur blog and will be a daily visitor from now on :)


christabelle said...

Oh my God! it's so good to hv you here Keshi, thks a zillion 4 stopping by and yes I agree with u, we r what we choose to be.

Belle said...

WOW.. that was deeeeep. Very thought provoking. Thanks for posting this. I will try and think of that story when confronted with decisions.
BTW, what is the book you read?

christabelle said...

thks so much, belle, thks 4 coming here, the book is "basket of flowers" can't remenber the author rite now. nice day dearie!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

What we believe is what we shall receive.

I design fashion apparels made in France by the same kind of manufacturers who make clothes for the celebrated designers in Paris, Milan, New York, London, Madrid and other cities in the world. And I value my designs as high as I regard their own.

My mother taught me how to sew and of all her children, I was the only one who was learning from her.
And she read only one book all her life, the Holy Bible in our mother tongue of Igbo. So, she taught me from the best and greatest book of all time.

My younger brother is a baker and since he has gone commercial, we don't go to the supermarkets to buy bread again and we are doing our best to make his pastries the best in our estate.

See how God raised up David to be the King of Israel and raised up Esther to be the Queen of Persia. If only we can learn from our Almighty God, our lives will be better and greater.

God bless.

christabelle said...

yes Osy, God is the greatest teacher and the bible the greatest instruction book, I'm really touched by what u've narrated here, we r truly, truly what we believe and choose 2 b, thks 4 sharing.

Keshi said...

:) Im honored to be here...u write so well!