Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tough Times Never Last

You ever heard the phrase "tough times don't last but tough people do"
For most of us, life is a mixture of placid and tumultuous
experiences. Like a roller coaster ride,life brings us
periods of smooth ride punctuated with interludes of stomach
churning, accelerating drops through the unexpected. Most of us tend to resist the unpredictable and
difficult life challenges coming our way, thinking that if we
could exert control by working harder or smarter then life will be smooth and predictable. WRONG.

For me I have come to realize that life is supposed to be just as it is. In
fact, Ive come to appreciate the breath-taking drops for
the opportunities they bring me, not that I always welcome
them, but I appreciate them.

Tough times have much to offer us. Only when challenged do I
have the opportunity to experience who I am and what I can
do. Tough times show me my true self, and permit me to
demonstrate who I am to my loved ones and myself
In the midst of tough times, I have also learnt a few things, for example:
- That much of the tough in tough times stems from fear of what
might result.
- That most fears do not materialize.
- That there is opportunity within every difficult time-the
chance to live as your highest self.
- And again that tough times don't last but tough people do.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Your posts read like a life coach.
Are you one such as a motivational speaker?

You need to spread your wings as you fly and soar higher and higher and shining in the light of His countenance and in the momentum of His breath.

God bless.

christabelle said...

Wow. Now u're making my head swell, but truly I'm just an ordinary girl, but one that has focus and set goals for her life.
thks so much 4 the comments, I really appreciate them.

Keshi said...

true...they never last just as much as good times dun...both happiness and sadness comes and goes...


Belle said...

You have ALOT of wisdom and insight. Have you read the book Failing Forward'? It discusses the same principles that you have discussed here.
I love your posts!

christabelle said...

thks keshi,thats true,good times always last longer, if we can only realise that then...

belle thks, No I hven't read the book, will look 4 it, is it motivational? I just love reading motivational books, they makes me look inwards a lot.