Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You Have The Power To Change Your Life

I was chatting with someone from Asia this morning, she gave me the impression of someone on the brink of giving up just because things aren't going the way she wants it to, all attemps to let her know things can get better was like yeah, I see, ok. I got to thinking, is she really going to call it quits and I thought many people are actually like that, they give up even before they start the race.

They fail to realise the potential in them.
They fail to see the power they hold in their hands.

Hm,but you know, you have one of the most remarkable abilities known to man. You have the power to direct the course of your life.

You have one of the most remarkable abilities known to man. You have the power to make a radical difference in your life. This is not a secret known only to the fortunate. This power lies deep within each of us. All you must do is choose to tap it!

Too often we read about individuals and their accomplishments and tell ourselves, "they had luck on their side." We tell ourselves anything that will allow us to excuse ourselves from trying to succeed and change our lives.

Its time to put that negative self-talk to rest. Most of Thomas Edisons patents were worthless for example. Even his teachers thought he was stupid. Walt Disney was fired for incompetence. Winston Churchills teachers considered him a "slow learner" and yet he went on to save Britain.

These men and so many others have all realised the power in them. Persistence and focus can help you realize your inner potential, and help you to realize your lifelong dreams. So, before you put yourself into a "box" remember that the opportunity to fail is inseparably linked to the possibility of success.

I always tell myself this, "look girl you can be whatever you want to be, just keep your focus straight like an eagle, don't you dare even blink, that way the sky will be your limit"
See, I believe this with all my heart and so can YOU.

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Queen said...

Before I realised my goal I used to think of giving up, but I am glad I now know what I want in life and I am going after it.

I love this Post.

I will sure visit always for new updates.

christabelle said...

I agree with you queen, I was like that too, but now I am going after what I want in life.
thks 4 dropping by.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Tell her "Stand Up Girl!" and "Arise!Be All You Can Be".

If everybody gave up, the world would have ended long ago.

Our faith is our strength.

Tell her to have faith and she will have the strength to overcome all the challenges on earth.

God bless.