Thursday, May 25, 2006

Change, The Unwelcome Guest

Have ever heard the slogan "change is the only constant thing in life"

The person who masters change, masters happiness.
You see today the best way to thrive in this ever-fluid, volatile world, is to become a master of change. A "Change Master" not only welcomes, invites and celebrates the flux of constantly evolving life, but also consciously drives and directs these rhythms. When you live smart, you drive change. When you shift from a resistance-to-change mindset toward a self-empowered frame of mind, you unlock your vitality, creativity and spirit. The better you manage change, the better you manage your happiness.

Most of us were not raised to welcome change. We're advised to try to keep our life as regular, set and stable as possible. The unknown future is portrayed as dangerous and threatening. "Don't rock the boat!" we' re admonished. The collective strategy is that the more aspects of our life that remain the same, the less we have to adjust and adapt. And the less we have to change, the easier life will be. The party line is that change is inevitable, unfortunately but certainly no fun. Having to constantly change and grow is experienced as a struggle, a challenging, hard ordeal-by most of our elders. Their motto: "Avoid change at all costs."
But contrary to popular belief, change does not have to be hard! Change can only be difficult if we choose to fight it or deny it like the perennial ostrich, sticking its head in the sand and pretending something doesn't exist. When we're in denial, changes come at us " out of the blue!" When we don't prepare ourselves for life's rollicking rollercoaster, we don't enjoy the ride.

So change today for the better, it's always appealing!

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

In my Family Planning and High Risk Behaviour Intervention programs, I have found behaviour change to be very tough for most habitual addicts of hard drugs, careless sex and petty gossip that Pastor W.F Kumuyi called "leakages of power".

Change has a clause.
What kind of change?
Positive or negative change?

I believe in postive change for positive development.

God bless.

christabelle said...

Yeah, u're rite, change defintely has a clause, I too believe in positive change, so it's "change 4 the better it's always appealing", ha! tks 4 reminding me.