Wednesday, June 21, 2006

How Do I fulfill My Dreams?

Most times we have dreams that we never fulfill, some people even live and die with their dreams, well if you want to get started on fulfilling your dream,you have to beware of dream stoppers! Here are some of them.

Seeking approval and consent. Having support from people whose opinion you value is a wonderful thing, but it should not be the criterion for whether you fulfill your dream or not. If you really desire to fulfill your dream, constantly floating it around and seeking the approval of people will kill your dream. What will happen to your dream if you dont get the approval of those whose permission you need?

Waiting for a time when everything will be perfect and in place will kill your dream. Things will never be as perfect as you may want. You may never have all the money, time, or knowledge you desire to begin working on your dream.
You must take the risk, learn and improve as you go along and then watch as everything begins to fall in place. If you have to wait for the perfect time to begin working on your dream you will wait a very long time Perhaps for an eternity!I assure you. Don't wait until you have lost your enthusiasm and moved on to other things.

Many dreams remain unfulfilled because people don't have the time to work on them. If you have a dream, you have to be prepared to invest your time and resources to ensure it succeeds. Claiming that you have no time to work on a dream that is important to you is a procrastination tactic, which will kill your dream before it has a chance to see the light of day. You have to create the time for your dream in your schedule of life. There is always time to work on what we love.

Making up your mind about the importance of your dream and about all the important decisions around it, is a major step towards achieving your dream. Leaving things in limbo and being reluctant about making crucial decisions will choke your dream. Make up your mind and stop second-guessing yourself. When your mind is made upnothing can stop you from making progress with your dream.

Committing yourself to numerous projects and activities which are not connected to your main dream will choke your dream. It will confuse, overwhelm, sidetrack, and drain your energy. If you have to get started on fulfilling your dream, you need to plan for it and make it a priority. If you keep crowding and cluttering your life with what does not matter, you may never, ever begin to work on your main dream.

Remember that you can't do all things, but you can do one thing! That's for sure.



Amber @ Cafe Physique said...

"Claiming that you have no time to work on a dream that is important to you is a procrastination tactic, which will kill your dream before it has a chance to see the light of day."

This is something that I'm definitely guilty of. Sometimes it's hard to make the sacrifices and be PATIENT (oh so hard) as we work towards the things that we want most.

starry nights said...

many great inventions started out as a dream.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I agree with you.

The Parable of the Sower by Jesus Christ can also help us to understand how to fulfill our dreams.

Human development depends on the environment.

I have lost count of so many shattered dreams in Nigeria, because the harsh climate did not allow the dreams to bear fruits.
Power outages, bad roads, ill-equipped airports, bad hospitals, terrible workplaces and enemies of human progress.

Those innocent pupils of the Loyola Jesuit College of Abuja who were killed in the Sosoliso aircraft that crashed in Port Harcourt last year had awesome dreams.

May God save us from the killers of dreams.

God bless.

Darius said...

All those things are necessary. But in addition you really need money or connections, or you're unlikely to succeed. I hate to say so, but that's been my experience. I think this is much more the case today than it was in the past, at least in the US.

Heidi said...

I feel like your talking directly to me. I need to print this..TY :)

Keshi said...

true..u got some great avenues for fulfilling dreams.

***some people even live and die with their dreams

but that may not be cos they didnt work on their dreams. it cud be simply cos their time ran out.


christabelle said...

thks y'all.
Amber, I've come to realise that procrastination is perhaps the worst dream stopper, it has happened to me several times, I'm guity of it 2.

starry nites, thats so true.

Osy, thats so true, our dear Nigeria in itself is a dream killer, but I tell myself, I dnt want excuses I just want to do the very best that I can.

Darius, u need money 2, I missed that, bt then u dnt hv to wait to have enough money to start pursuing ur dreams, and if u say that abt the US, the land of opportuinities what do u tink abt us living in Africa, I tink the main ting is to get excuses out of the way.

Heidi, great! I was talking to myself 2.

Keshi, yeah that can b true but nt always, I tink we just hv to redeem the time when we shld, I know of many pple who died very young and were still able to fulfill their dreams.