Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who Is A Success?

A successful person is one who thrives on learning, attempting, and
reaching new goals. He is one who knows how to secure his future.
Are you a thriving person who goes beyond just getting by?
You have an attitude of abundance and are willing to share it.
A strong sense of self and a healthy self-esteem are integral parts
of your personality. The cornerstones of your foundation are integrity,
common sense, willingness to try, and persistence. Skills and talents
are recognized and utilized.Then you're a success!

You remember that Self-improvement is not just a word, it is a lifestyle.
You are a seeker of knowledge of all types. You absorb what you can from any
type of experience. All the senses are used to keep learning and growing.
You think like a reporter asking those famous questions of who, what,
when, why, where, and how. Then you're securing your future!

You are a thriving person who seeks challenges partly for the thrill of it but
also because the need and desire to push the boundaries and not have
limitations is important. What appears to be a risk to an outsider is,
as a rule, a well-thought out action plan. The popular expression for you
is to step out-of-the-box. Then you're a success!

With a thriving mindset, you are willing to put forth the energy and
effort for the desired effects. You act upon your thoughts rather than
just letting them simmer on the back burner. Getting up in the morning
is fun - you look forward to new opportunities. A feeling of positive
anticipation is the norm rather than the exception. Then you're securing your future!

As a person, you are one who helps to activate the necessary trigger points for others to join you in the ranks of happy, well-adjusted folks who enjoy each day as it comes. As the old saying states: What goes around, comes around. The more you share, the more you will receive. Thats a win-win, a real success!!

Start climbing the ladder of success today!



Keshi said...

to be honest I hate ladders and I dun wanna try too hard. U can call me a lazy ass :) but Im not someone who's crazy abt success. Im happy with today.


christabelle said...

wht keshi? anyway that's u but tell u what, I dnt jealous u, me, I'm very passionate about succeeding ,infact I wake up each morning with a burning desire to be a success, I mean I want to leave a mark on this world, now dnt u want that, nt saying I'm not happy with today though but I have a goal, a vision, that's what I'm living 4 and I'm positve that I'll b there! and no ur not lazy, not at all, what with all ur beautiful write ups, I think I hv 2 luk 4 the lazy ass somewhere else. hehe!

Amara said...

If all this is what success means, then I christine myself success. I see myself in every line you wrote. I awake everyday with such hunger to be better and strive to go to bed feeling very fulfiled. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesnt. But I'll never stop trying.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

I want to call your posts "Beyond Bounds", because your pep-talk does so much for me.

I have seen success from different positions since I had early success as a professional writer and program consultant and then as a starving artist and now as a publisher, author and producer.
But in Nigeria, success is judged by the status symbols of the class conscious society. And if you don't have these notable status symbols, one would be regarded as unsuccessful.

An unlettered landlord of mansions, with posh cars and millions in the bank is regarded as successful. But an intellectual and prolific writer with a jalopy car and struggling to pay his bills is of course regarded as unsuccessful.

Can someone be successful and yet be poor?

I have seen prize winning writers in Nigeria who are still poor. Such as our hungry journalists struggling and working hard to make ends meet.
Is it their fault to be earning starvation wages or poor salaries?

Being a gigolo pays more in Nigeria than being a journalist.

There is a celebrated Nigerian actor regarded as a success in Nollywood today. But, he had to sleep with rich women to live in comfort in the 1980s to early 90s when Nigerian artstes were starving "wannabes" until the boom in Nollywood saved them from disgrace.

God bless.

Ebun said...

Orinkinla, Success is not measured by the ammount of money you have in your pocket. Success is being compassionate, loving, giving, caring, helping and giving hope to people. That is how I measure success not only money.

christabelle said...

wow! osy, oh I forgot Nitel is back, its so good 2 hv u back again, well thats Naija 4 u, thats y our young pple r doing anyting, I mean anything to get rich, they tink just getting rich means ur successful, they 4get the main thing, that's naija 4 u. welcome back!

thats it Amara, tho sometimes i dnt feel fulfilled , but I still keep holding on knowing that I hv somewhere I'm heading 2.

Ebun yes I agree with u abt what success is all abt, hpe u dnt misunserstd osy tho.
thks y'all!

Keshi said...

hehe I know :) Success is imp to me too but what I meant was I dun chase after it...I try only wut I can.


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