Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Thank You

"Thank you." So good to hear. So simple to say. So, why are so many folks longing to hear it? There is little that goes further towards improving relationships than a genuine 'Thank you." You know that. Why, then, do so many folks have difficulty with it?

Are we moving too quickly to notice what others do for us? Do we just expect so much that we fail to acknowledge the little things? Is there some small part of us that refuses to give what we're not getting? You have probably heard "It's part of your/his/her job. It's your responsibility. " Sure, it may be. Does that mean that it does not deserve acknowledgment? You can bet it would be acknowledged if it was not done! Simply look and you'll find many things each day worthy of acknowledgment. Stop and appreciate what IS being done for you...and, say so.

Let's not be too busy, or too important, to stop, see, and acknowledge the contributions of others. And, once is not enough. Each time the garbage is taken out or the bill is paid, each time they bring you a glass of water or each time a subordinate does a good job, common say 'Thank you'. Appreciation is never wasted. Find things to acknowledge. Notice what others do well. Notice what others do for you. Offer your thanks. You'll feel better. And, very soon, it will come back to you. I promise.



Reverberate58 said...

This is so true. I always thank the man/woman who holds a door open for me, or the cashier who rings up my order, and even the mail lady when she brings me my mail. Sure it is their job but kindness is our job and responsibility! Very nice posting.

LZ Blogger said...

Well that is VERY nice post! And so true! Without trying to be trite allow me to say... THANK YOU! ~ jb///

lisa said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I'll be surfing around your's when I have a minute. Hope your having a great day!!

Etchen said...

So true! So often today it seems as though basic etiquette has gone out the window. I rarely hear please and thank you's anymore and yet they are so important.

Amber @ Cafe Physique said...

This is a really good lesson. I wish more people at my job TODAY would have read this.

Heidi said...

" Thankyou" for this :)

starry nights said...

It is such a small word but sends a big message. it always pays to be kind and to say Thank you. nice post.

christabelle said...


appreciate all ur comments

rev58, iz blogger and lisa, welcome, hpe u'll be back.
thks again to y'all.God bless.

And rem to make somebody's day today; say thk you.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Thank you brings us many happy returns of the day.

I believe that no one succeeds alone no matter all the heroic claims of all the so called self-made men and women out there.

I thank and pray for all the good people God has been sending to encourage and support me.

Michelle Lee who designed two of my blogs gratis.
Edmondson who has been the longest friend I have found in the blogosphere, Kye Lee Koi my wonderful Malaysian Muse, the enchanted and sweet Keshi, Father Dave who sponsored my course on Internet Marketing, Bisi Ojediran who supports some of my projects, Sunday Unah who provides the access to the Internet and other essential provisions and so many others including you Christabelle.

I call you all sons and daughters of my Almighty Father Jehovah God.
Because, if God did not intervene on July 5 2004, I would have been dead and the popular name Orikinla Osinachi and his blogs would not have been created and nobody would have known me on the net. And God used people I have never known before to help me and lift me higher and higher.

Thank you.

God bless you more and more.

christabelle said...

hi osy,
its always a pleasure to hv u here and to tink I made the list of the pple u thank God for, wow!! now thats something.

I thank God too that what the devil planned 4 u didnt work out and that ure here 2day and an inspiration to so many including me, well thats gr8.

"what Can I say unto the Lord
all I have to say is thank you lord"

Guess that's how we all feel.

Kuan Gung said...

Do good and feel good...great yet simple equation...