Friday, June 30, 2006



All covered by the fluffy cushion of integrity.

Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself, and you won't go far
wrong.If you are treating others in a way that you would'nt accept for yourself,
you are not operating from a position of integrity.
So that's a very brief but effective guide when it comes to dealing with
other people.

How about dealing with yourself, do you follow it then?

It's an important point.
All too often we let ourselves down.
We fail to go the extra mile for ourselves.
We settle for what we know to be second best.
It's easy to do, I know because I've done it.
We all want an easy life, don't we, so why push ourselves when we don't
have to? Integrity, that's why!

Don't get to a stage in life where you look back and realise you were'nt
true to yourself.This applies just as importantly to goal setting.
If you set goals which you think will impress others, or you set goals
which you don't truly desire, you have absolutely no chance of seeing them come true.
This is because you will not be equipped with a foundation of belief in
yourself and the goals, a foundation that drives you to do whatever it takes.
Especially when the going gets tough. Like a lot of the important ideas in life, it is'nt always easy to stick with your integrity.
Sometimes it can be awkward to stand for what you believe rather than
what others want to hear.If you do stick with it though, remember it's a commitment for the long haul.You can't switch integrity on and off when it suits.
If you make the commitment though, you are hugely more likely to
succeed, but whatever happens, your head will be held high and proud,
from being true to yourself with integrity!



starry nights said...

Beautiful post christabelle..integrity is truth.we have to be true to ourselves.

Darius said...

Both of those main points are true, imo. Integrity usually makes success more likely; but even if you don't succeed, integrity is really something impossible to regret.

Belle said...

very well said. :)

Keshi said...

hey Chris thanks so much for the lovely bday wishes in my blog...Huggggggz!

**Treat others as you'd like to be treated yourself,

I always say this to's one of the few policies that keep me human. Truth never dies and always stand tall and true to yourselves.


christabelle said...

yeah, starry nites integrity is all abt TRUTH.

Darius,thats rite u can never regret integrity.

Belle, thks.

Hey keshigirl,
u're bck!! miss ya so much girl. good 2 hv u back and yes I agree with you truth never dies.

thk you all 4 stopping by.

Kuan Gung said...

Integrity is such great karma...with it, we send those rings of positive in fluence into the world...thank you...great stuff

christabelle said...

thks kuan, thks 4 stopping by. I agree with ya.

samuru999 said...

Without integrity... we have nothing!